Cosmetica – Sabonete Caseiro

Pensando melhor como mudar nossa vida mais sustentável (e mais barato ….), a Elizabeth e Eu decidimos fazer sabonete liquido em casa:

Para ninguém me reclamar, o som do vídeo é em alemão para meus queridos familiares na Alemanha. Long vive o Google tradutor !!

Tigela grande, medidor de liquido 250ml,

As Materiais primas vocês podem encontrar entre outros na cidade de Campinas, na loja do Peter Paiva:

Sabonete Caseiro 250ml –>  1,35 R$
Sabonete de Marca 250ml –> 5 á 6 R$

Vale a pena ?
So pelos custos já vale sem a menor duvida. Além disso vocês ganham certeza dos ingredientes utilizados.

Veredicto Dedo Verde:       Thumbs Up !!


EVE Online – Eve what ?

So here we are, this is my Blog about a game called Eve Online. First things first, so please bear with me as this are my first posts in my new blogger life.

Want to know what Eve is ? Watch this:

and this:

and here is the epic battle of B-R5RB (Jan. 2014):

Each of the coloured point in the center is actually one ship, piloted by a person !!

This epic battle had around three thousand pilots on the battlefield.

Entering Eve Uni

So, today I finally applied for the Eve University. The reason being, that after 7 month of roaming around in New Eden without any real friends, I got tired of being blown up !

For any one of my capsuleers friends who doesn’t know what Eve Uni is, and what it has to offer, here some history:

Founded in 2004 by Morning Maniac, Eve-Uni has been around since then and today has around 2.000 students on campus. They provide an quite excellent teaching program, which is available even for non-students (Link here). But further programs include Fleet Roams, Low-Sec Campus, Wormhole-Campus, Skillbooks for beginners, and Ship replacement program.

I really hope, they accept me as a student, I am pretty sure I will get to learn the nuts and bolts in my organised and disciplined way I like.

More to come next time…..

Fly Safe

Anna Shepart

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